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Men Over 50 Fitness and Fashion Show, is an essential event for

individuals over the age of 50 who want to look, feel and live better. Professionals and experts from diverse fields of psychology, fitness, fashion and health team up with I Am Beautiful Women’s Foundation, Parade of Ribbons Inc., to bring to Atlanta GA a valuable event that features on the issues that matter most to men of all ages especially those who are reaching their golden years.  This event will be in support of prostate and colon cancer awareness.


Men Over 50 Fitness and Fashion Show, will be support by vendors and professional with complete instructions for mastering men’s fashion, health, and fitness. The event will provide advice on careers and lifestyle along with fashion tips and easy-to-make recipes that will inspire men to eat and live better.

It gets harder to fend off a beer belly with each passing year. But Men Over 50 Fitness and Fashion Show proves it can be done.


Don't be one of those men who let his health and style slide when he hits the big 5-0. Maintain your look and keep the vast majority of your wardrobe in place. Let's face it, you've achieved great things personally and professionally by the midlife marker, but you've still got lots more you want to do. Own it, and show every other man on the street where you're heading by keeping your style game strong.


Firstly - and most importantly - the key to dressing in your 50s is to make sure your body is in shape in order for your clothes to fit right.


We are seeking submissions for the “Men over 50 Fitness and Fashion Show”. We are searching for men over the age of 50 who are bodybuilders, Ironman competitors,

fitness models, trainers or just plan look good and fit who epitomize health.


This event will prove that when it comes to health, fitness and fashion there are no excuses.

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