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About Parade of Ribbons

Parade of Ribbons Inc. 501(c)3:                   

"Parade of Ribbons" mission is to be an event platform for I Am Beautiful  Foundation and other advocates of debilitating diseases, to raise funds, awareness and general support for those who suffer secondary hardships, financial and emotional stress as a result of any illness. The mission will be accomplished by conducting community walks, runs, fashion shows, parades, etc…

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Our Story

The goal is to unify our efforts at I Am Beautiful Women’s Foundation with the efforts of other organizations and individuals in bringing awareness and education of the many diseases that women and young girls suffer with, the degree of hair loss involved and provide a support system which do not discriminate based on the type of disease the individual is suffering with. "Parade of Ribbons" events are designed to bring together supporters of all diseases and make them aware of the commonality of their causes, the common thread (severe hair loss in survivors, mental stress, financial stress from high medical bills, homelessness, broken families etc…), unify their efforts and bring notice to the community and local businesses that community support for certain diseases shouldn't began and end on the first and last day of a designated month for that particular illness they advocate for.


Unlike I Am Beautiful Women’s Foundation Corp, Parade of Ribbons Inc. will be extending support to men who are experiencing financial hardship due to high medical bills for treatments to illness which deny them the ability to work steady hours.

Organizer: I Am Beautiful Women’s Foundation Corp    

I Am Beautiful Women’s Foundation Corp is a nonprofit organization that was legally formed in the State of Georgia and operate Chapters nationwide and is the headquarters and creators of the Parade of Ribbons Inc.  Our organization’s goal is to raise funds which we will use to offset the cost of treatments for women and young girls who are suffering severe hair loss as a result of any medical condition such as cancer, lupus, diabetes, etc…, to include genetic alopecia, fire or chemical burns and for the purchase of cranial hair prostheses and Low Lever Laser Therapy to re-grow natural hair.  We will also be working to educate the public about hair loss, prevention and the effects it has on love ones.  Through our programs we hope to help as many individuals as possible with the resources we have available.


We will be raising money by collecting donations as well as by holding a variety of different fundraising events.  The funds we raise will be used to cover expense of scalp and hair treatments, which are often viewed as cosmetic and as a result not covered by insurance companies. We will also assist with day to day expenses that our members find hard to maintain

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